Bayanzag is located 597 km away to the south west of Ulaanbaatar city in Umnugobi province. It’s a valley covered by ancient deposits with saxuals and combination of Gobi landscape, rocks and taluses. The popular finds from Bayanzag show that the place was home of ancient people and animals.

Many rare archeological and historical finds have been found here and some of them are being exhibited in Natural History Museum of USA. American Expedition to Central Asia led by Endruis R.Ch. traveled through Mongolian Gobi during 1922to 1928. The finds were carried by 70 camels when they went back to America.This place is popular with the name “Flaming Cliffs” in the world because some American archeologists called so when they were in the Gobi in 1922. Mongolia is considered second country of dinosaur finds while USA is first and 330 types of dinosaurs have been found in the world and 60 types of them are belong to Mongolia.

The hills in Bayanzag look like burning hills when sun sets. People have been living for a long time here because the place is always in rich of plants even dry years.


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